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Pitstop helps you reduce asset downtime and costs by consolidating and analyzing scattered fleet data to provide actionable insights. Save time and resources with AI that automates the busywork.

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A Fleet Maintenance Software Like No Other, Trusted by Industry-leaders

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Fleet Customer Testimonials

“This platform allows us to make educated decisions on what needs immediate attention and what can wait for the next scheduled PM visit.”

Program Project Manager Allan B. Cardinal

“The Vehicle Health Report was valuable and informative. It identified a quick snapshot of the unit’s information. A detailed itemized list of present DTCs that included the dates of the codes with a detailed description.”

Program Project Manager Kyle G. City of Long Beach

“In our world of fleet, PM is a one-size-fits-all rule. Predictive Maintenance, using AI with telematics and FMIS data, breaks that mold and gives specific answers to what our assets actually need and when they actually need them, saving time and money for the fleet.”

Program Project Manager Ben R. City of  West Jordan

“I love the ability to see analytics and sensor data on Pitstop’s predictive fleet maintenance software. Previously we only had access to current data and not historical data.“

Program Project Manager Kevin H. Food Express

Pitstop automates data passing between our telematics and maintenance systems helping us get work done faster.“

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Automated Repair Workflows. First-Time Fixes. Advanced Remote Diagnostics.

Budgets and resources are tight, and your team is trying everything to drive down costs while managing a hectic schedule that demands constant multitasking. Manual-based maintenance practices worked for your fleet in the past. But now, they lack the AI capabilities you need for more efficient and clear decision-making that helps your business’s bottom line.


Reduction in downtime by standardizing diagnostic accuracy, prioritizing repairs, and focusing on preventive maintenance based on real-time asset health.



Prediction algorithm accuracy on granular vehicle data such as batteries, diesel particulate filter, diesel exhaust fluid, brakes, tires, and more.

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Return on investment by minimizing on-the-road breakdowns, rework, tows, road calls, costly component replacements, and optimizing shop labor productivity.

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Fleet Reporting from All Integration Data

Struggling with scattered data and slow decision-making? Pitstop consolidates real-time telematics, vendor work orders, and DVIRs into a unified system, enabling your team to make faster, data-driven decisions.

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Work order, diagnostic, and vehicle data

Explore New Ways to Reduce Costs

Identify your fleet’s costliest assets by fault code frequency and review maintenance shop inefficiencies. Let our data team analyze historical work order data to see which repairs are costing your business the most. We’ll develop an action plan to avoid these costs and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Reduce Unscheduled Downtime with Pitstop’s Vehicle Health Report

Pitstop’s AI identifies sensor data anomalies at the asset level. Empower your team to make the call to pull vehicles off the road before failures. Generate diagnostic reports for your technicians before the vehicle enters the bay. This reduces downtime and eliminates the need for a scan tool.

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Work order, diagnostic, and vehicle data


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