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Fleet Maintenance Software
to Simplify Your Operations

Pitstop Fleet Maintenance Software

Pitstop is a fleet maintenance software powered by AI, helping small fleets to enterprise customers drastically improve uptime while getting ahead of the industry’s rising maintenance expenses. Fleet managers can say goodbye to data overload, closing out hundreds of fault codes, and wasting time on other manual efforts. Now, through Pitstop’s predictive analytics, managers can modernize their fleet with automated maintenance end-to-end.

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Pitstop Fleet Maintenance Software Features

Predictive Fleet Maintenance Made Easy.

We know running a fleet is one of the most difficult and time-consuming jobs, and no two fleets operate the exact same. That’s why we built our platform and customizable features by the feedback of customers and fleet professionals to make your job a little easier.


Predictive Insights

With Pitstop’s leading algorithms, our software takes in over 7 Billion data points to then clean and eject predictive insights for fleets on battery and brake health, fuel anomalies, tire health, engine airflow, and more. Predict potential failures weeks in advance with a 90+% accuracy.

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Prioritized Fault Codes

Pitstop’s intelligent AI engine uses vehicle sensor data to organize and alert if fault codes will be critical or not for the fleet manager to act on. Drivers can report issues based on the priority, allowing managers to plan maintenance visits more strategically and efficiently.

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Prescriptive Alerts

Automatically receive trigger alerts with a translation of the type of DTC code in plain terms, an explanation of the issue, and the cause. Management can see the root cause of the issue before visiting the maintenance shop to avoid critical downtime while getting ahead of part shortages.

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“Smart” Preventative Scheduling

Based on analyzing 10 billion data points, we have seen that for fleets, many breakdowns happen either a few weeks before the scheduled preventative maintenance or after. Couple Pitstop’s Insights with fleet’s PM schedule to prevent costly unexpected breakdowns, prolong lifespan, and improve vehicle performance.

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Customized Fleet Reporting

Having access to vehicle data is one thing. Being able to read, make decisions and take action on it is another. With Pitstop’s platform, we create the data reports for you so you can confidently make smarter business decisions while cutting out all the noise. Export and share cross-functionally.

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Digital Work Order Creation, Management and more!

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Pitstop has your fleet’s future in mind!

Benefits of Using Pitstop Fleet Maintenance Software

Big Savings

Get ahead of the rising maintenance costs and save up to $2,000/vehicle per year, decrease downtime by 20% and see a 10X ROI!

Holistic Insights

Go beyond standard location or fuel data and benefit from smart, granular vehicle data on batteries, DEF, brakes, and more.

Improve Operations

Manage your fleet with efficiency, avoid unexpected surprises and enjoy lower repair costs.

How Pitstop Fleet Maintenance
Software Works


Through a combination of sensor data, driver usage, your telematics/ELD provider and historical repair data, over millions of vehicle data points are processed in our ecosystem to analyze and produce actionable insights on your vehicles.


Pitstop alerts you in real-time with high-prioritized vehicles as well as fault codes, which can be automatically closed out through customizable driving rules.


Stay on top of your data through a personalized dashboard and weekly summary emails on the health of your fleet. Share these vehicle reports directly with your service center to reduce time, expenses and stress by anticipating a potential failure weeks before it happens.

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Case Study

Learn how one mixed-mining fleet was able to leverage the power of predictive analytics to save up to $500/vehicle.

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