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Simplify your Fleet Maintenance Strategy

Work with your vehicle data and not against it. Alleviate data overload while drastically reducing downtime and maintenance expenses with actionable predictive insights. 

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Predictive Maintenance Made Easy

Predict vehicle failures weeks in advance. Communicate with drivers and maintenance shops to order parts ahead of time.

Save up to $2,000 per vehicle per year. Don’t believe us? Book a call to learn how.


Real-time notifications


Connect with other integrations


Proactively manage vehicle system failures

Prioritized Fault Codes

Pitstop’s intelligent AI engine uses vehicle sensor data to organize and alert if fault codes will be critical or not for the fleet manager to act on. Drivers can report issues based on the priority, allowing managers to plan maintenance visits more strategically and efficiently.

Prescriptive Alerts

Automatically receive trigger alerts with a translation of the type of DTC code in plain terms, an explanation of the issue, and the cause. Management can see the root cause of the issue before visiting the maintenance shop to avoid critical downtime while getting ahead of part shortages.

Proprietary Algorithms

Pitstop utilizes millions of data points from partnered telematics and vehicle sensors to create proprietary algorithms for batteries, DEF, brakes, vehicle health scores, and more. These algorithms allow fleet managers to oversee holistic insights into their fleet without struggling with data overload or excel sheet analysis.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“We have been with Pitstop from their very beginning. This platform has allowed us to increase our uptime, make sound maintenance and repair decisions, and allows us to focus on the problem vehicles. Truly a great tool for our organization.”

– Transportation, Director – Health, Safety and Fleet

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“We’ve been using Pitstop since we put our first repair van on the road. Now we’re at over 100 vans and it’s our central control system for them. They’ve been great partners for us – always open to feedback and quick to fix any issues… It’s certainly getting smarter and smarter.”

– Chief Data & Analytics Officer

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Manage & Improve Fleet Maintenance Operations

All In One Easy-To-Use Platform

Big savings

Avoid unexpected vehicle failures and surprise shop visits. Reduce administrative time with customized reporting.

Setup instantly

No additional hardware needed. Pitstop pulls data directly from your current ELD and GPS providers.

AI insights

Leverage your sensor data. Detect anomalies, predict when your brakes, batteries, diesel exhaust systems, engine and tires will fail.

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Customers have experienced 10x ROI, a 20% reduction in vehicle downtime, and $2,000 saved per vehicle per year


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