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4 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Predictive Maintenance

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets. No Analysts Needed.

Since its inception in 2015, Pitstop has been at the forefront of predictive maintenance technology, offering an AI-powered platform specifically designed for enhancing fleet operations. Our software is trusted by fleets across North America, delivering predictive insights with over 95% accuracy.

The industry is continually facing rising resource pressures, from maintenance costs to shortages. Pitstop helps fleets stay competitive and ahead of disruptions. With our proprietary technology, we elevate fleet management by shifting from reactive to proactive strategies, streamlining decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency and uptime by over 20%. Pitstop integrates into your existing workflows seamlessly, so you can build a ‘smarter’ maintenance strategy that optimizes resources within your unique fleet.

Step 1.

Have your fleet connected with a telematics provider.

Our platform currently works out of the box with the following TSP and fleet management partners:

  • Geotab
  • Samsara
  • Motive
  • Verizon
  • FleetComplete
  • AssetWorks

Reach out if you are using other telematics. We are always working in the background to add more integrations. (If your vehicles are not yet connected or you need help selecting your telematics/ELD provider, email us at

pitstop integration partners: Geotab, Samsara, Verizon, Motive, Fleet Complete
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Step 2.

A) Register here to create your account.

B) Depending on your telematics provider, you’ll either login within our dashboard to access the connected vehicles or we’ll help you access your API code! To help you get started, sign up for a demo or email with your telematics provider.


Step 3.

Let our AI Flywheel get to work! You’ll start seeing the data flow from your vehicles onto Pitstop’s dashboard within a few hours (at most) and depending on the model, you’ll start seeing the predictive insights specific to your fleet on average within two weeks.

To see the various types of predictive models that Pitstop has, download our product overview here.


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Step 4.

Explore the platform and out all our features in your own time. We set up regular check-in calls (you decide how often) to help you get the most out of the system. Our Customer Success team is readily available to answer any questions you may have!

“This platform has allowed us to increase our uptime, make sound maintenance and repair decisions, and allows us to focus on the problem vehicles. Truly a great tool for our organization.”

Current Customer – Director of Health, Safety and Fleet

💡 The best part is that it requires no additional hardware and works within your current workflow and other fleet integrations! ↓

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    What Have Our Customers Seen?

    The platform pays for itself! Savings up to $2,000/vehicle per year, reduction in downtime up to 25% and increased overall efficiency with our prioritized fault codes and other automated maintenance features.

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    Supercharge Your Fleet Maintenance with Pitstop's AI

    Pitstop helps you minimize asset downtime and total cost of ownership by consolidating all maintenance data and providing actionable insights in one place. Pitstop helps make your team more efficient by automating daily tasks using artificial intelligence.

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    A Fleet Maintenance Software Like No Other, Trusted by Industry-leaders

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    "In our world of fleet, PM is a one-size-fits-all rule. Predictive Maintenance, using AI with telematics and FMIS data, breaks that mold and gives specific answers to what our assets actually need and when they actually need them, saving time and money for the fleet.”

    Program Project Manager

        Ben R. City of West Jordan


    "The notifications and predictive analytics helped us to avoid vehicle breakdowns to enable repairs to be completed prior to catastrophic component failure. Great product and cannot wait to see how it is further developed."

    Program Project Manager

        Joe B. Serco


    "This platform allows us to make educated decisions on what needs immediate attention and what can wait for the next scheduled pm visit. The overall rating system allows us to quickly at a glance determine the status of our fleet and individual units."

    Program Project Manager

        Allan B. Cardinal


    “Too often vehicle and equipment maintenance can be wasteful; we spend unnecessarily, thinking we’re doing the right thing but we’re giving up the valuable remaining life in those parts and fluids. With Pitstop, we can start to look more accurately at the maintenance required and can begin to plan downtime accordingly.”

    Program Project Manager

        Paul Lagerwerf, NPL

    The Future is Predictive

    Pitstop is a leader in fleet maintenance software, delivering powerful predictive insights in an affordable, easy-to-use solution. Designed to help you automate fleet operations and keep vehicles running smoothly.

    Maintenance Savings

    Get ahead of rising fleet maintenance costs and save up to $2,000/vehicle per year, decrease downtime by 20% and see a 10X ROI!

    Holistic Insights

    Go beyond standard location or fuel data and benefit from smart, granular vehicle data on batteries, DEF, brakes, and more.

    Improve Operations

    Manage your fleet with efficiency, avoid unexpected surprises and effectively utilize your resources from mechanics to parts.

    What our customers have to say about us

    Work order, diagnostic, and vehicle data

    Fleet Maintenance Software 

    Remove friction between data, drivers, shops and your overall fleet operations. Pitstop makes it easy to be in control of maintenance schedules and your vehicles in real time. Increasing your operation efficiency by 20% without adding more resources.

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    Predictive Maintenance Insights

    Predictive maintenance insights from AI and real-time vehicle data for the fleet management industry.

    Too much data to act on? Pitstop does the work for you. By combining billions of data points into personalized and actionable predictive maintenance insights for your fleet, we anticipate critical vehicle issues weeks in advance. So you can get back time to focus on other important tasks.

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