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Perfect for Fleet Managers overseeing 50+ vehicles who are looking for an affordable solution to streamline their operations and maintenance.


Cost of Vehicle Downtime for North American Fleets

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Minimize vehicle downtime, reduce maintenance costs and keep your fleet on the road for longer.

Without Pitstop

  • Expensive operation

    Relying on a costly three-month preventative maintenance schedule or servicing underperforming trucks every 2-3 weeks.

  • Limited data

    Difficulty distinguishing the data to identify critical vs. non-critical issues and prioritize maintenance.

  • Reactive maintenance

    Not prepared for unwanted downtime and restricted by slower, condition-based maintenance (CbM).

With Pitstop

  • Big savings

    Improve ROI and prioritize vehicle maintenance with recommendations delivered to you weeks in advance.

  • Holistic insights

    Go beyond standard location or fuel data and benefit from smart, granular vehicle data on batteries, DEF, brakes, and more.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Manage your fleet with efficiency, avoid unexpected surprises and enjoy lower repair costs.

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ROI experienced by many of our customers



Reduction in vehicle downtime



Saved per vehicle per year

"By integrating with major telematics providers we can serve millions of connected fleets today with a solution that drives success across all operational performances; significantly improving uptime and reducing overall costs."


Shiva Bhardwaj

Pitstop Founder and CEO


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    How does it

    Upgrade from reactive to predictive maintenance to solve performance problems, improve the safety of your fleet, and boost your ROI.


    Millions of vehicle data points are processed daily in our ecosystem

    Sensor data
    Driver usage
    Vehicle depreciation
    Route tracking
    Fuel consumption
    Battery level
    Vehicle ranking
    Brake wear
    + more


    Our Pitstop Data Engine analyzes your data to produce actionable insights

    Routine maintenance


    Pitstop alerts you in real-time with customized reports

    Personalized dashboards
    Summary emails
    Real-time notifications


    Share vehicle reports directly with your service center

    Save time, money and stress by anticipating a potential failure weeks before it happens and update your service center on any future vehicle arrivals in a few clicks.

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    Communicate instantly with your drivers via our mobile app

    Track vehicles and their performance in real-time

    Stay on top of alerts with weekly maintenance reports

    Generate smart ROI estimations

    Leverage data to make better business decisions

    Case Study

    Reducing fleet downtime and achieving a 1025% ROI with Pitstop technology