We’re unlocking the full value of mobility data


Making real-world

By bridging AI, big data and the mobility industry, we’re on a mission to build a smarter, greener future.

With our cutting-edge AI and machine-learning technology, we’re turning messy, real-world data into clean, actionable insights that make recall reductions, uptime increases and product improvements the industry standard.


How it all began


From prototype to pilot

With the first working prototype being built at a Hackathon in January 2015, Pitstop Founder & CEO, Shiva Bhardwaj, quickly managed to secure several rounds of funding to hire, develop and expand the Pitstop technology.

The first major pilot took place at one of the original Ford dealerships in Michigan, where we proved the effectiveness of our technology for dealerships and went on to develop a number of close partnerships across North America.


Expanding our impact with data

This initial traction allowed us to build our first customer base of dealerships and drivers on a monthly subscription, before we pivoted to address more key markets: fleets and OEMs.

By partnering with industry leaders like Fleet Complete, Geotab, and Sensata, our team of world-leading computer and data scientists leveraged the data from hundreds of thousands of vehicles to dramatically expand our impact - driving truly actionable insights that continue to save money, improve innovation, and stay ahead of the curve.


Pitstop and the future

Our platform now has over 500,000 connected vehicles and is growing more than 800% every quarter. Our industry-leading AI platform is a flywheel that only ever improves with more data and time, providing increasingly better predictive analytics insights to our customers.

This puts Pitstop in a unique position to not only service existing markets, but also play a leading role in the emerging EV and autonomous markets that will soon become ubiquitous across the world.

our team

Leading the way

Pitstop is led by an experienced team with 25+ years in AI, Machine Learning and Automotive.


Founder & CEO






VP of Sales & Marketing



Chief Science Officer


our team

Our advisory

Our mission is informed and advised by industry-veterans, AutoTech thought-leaders, and tech visionaries.

Nick Pudar

M.I.T. Professor

Gregg Garrett

President at CGS Advisors

Ted Serbinski

Partner at Stanson Ventures

Jason Merszei

Jason Merszei


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Pitstop is a predictive analytics platform that allows customers to clearly understand and leverage data from their automotive assets. We've developed proprietary algorithms through strategic partners and a database of 500,000+ vehicles, combining AI and machine learning to provide real-time insights for the transportation supply chain.

We're a tight-knit team looking to capture a $450billion industry by building the future of AI, machine learning and automotive.

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