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Empowering Fleet Management in Food and Beverage

Take Control of your Food and Beverage Fleet

In food and beverage fleet management, even slight delays or downtime can trigger a delicate chain reaction, leading to spoilage and contamination, ultimately resulting in lost freight loads of essential raw materials. Reefer trailers and equipment require constant attention and upkeep. Amidst these challenges, consolidating complex maintenance data across various sources can be tricky. That’s where Pitstop can help

food and beverage fleet maintenance software

Overcome Data Fragmentation

Centralize Data in One System for Your Fleet Operations

Pitstop seamlessly integrates with ELDs, and in-house and vendor maintenance systems, enabling automated work orders based on real-time fault codes, preventive maintenance (PM) reminders, inspections, and predictive analysis. With Pitstop’s advanced AI fleet maintenance solution, shops complete PMs more efficiently while fixing vehicles right the first time. Enable your maintenance team to quickly identify high-risk assets before breakdowns occur, reducing headaches and overall total cost of ownership.

What our food logistics customers have to say

“I love the ability to see analytics and sensor data on Pitstop. Previously we only had access to current data and not historical data”

– Kevin H – Fleet Manager and Shop Supervisor at Food Express

Driving Fleet Maintenance Efficiencies with Data

Fleet managers have access to plenty of data. But having the time to combine and analyze that information into actionable insights to help their fleet? Not so much. Explore Pitstop’s case study on a beverage distributor’s 120-truck fleet, which transitioned from manual spreadsheet tracking to streamlined maintenance using our predictive platform.

Read The Case Study →

food and beverage fleet maintenance case study

Automated Maintenance Workflow

Made Specifically for You

Our fleet maintenance software is designed specifically for the needs of fleets dealing with raw food materials, packaged food & beverage distribution, and refrigerated trailers.

Enhance Shop Efficiency

Minimize repeated shop visits by fixing food and beverage equipment right the first time by enabling technicians with detailed vehicle health reports before entering the service bay. Cut technician diagnostic times by 40 hours a month.

PMs and Work Orders Made Easy

Digitize work orders and parts inventory across the entire organization. Automatically consolidate ELD, fault codes, work orders, predictive alerts, and DVIRs in one system to make paperwork simple.

Inventory Control & Visibility

Digitally track stock levels, store images and documents for parts, and seamlessly share inventory information across multiple locations. This digital transformation ensures that the right parts are always available when needed.

Reduce Downtime & TCO

Pitstop is more than just a service provider; we are your development partner. We work with your whole team to implement a solution that fits your unique workflow and helps you achieve your operational goals.

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Integration Partners

Take advantage of easy-to-use partnerships with top industry players to simplify fleet operations tasks and bring all your data together on a single user-friendly platform.

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