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Consolidated Data Analysis

The modern day telecommunications industry has generated lot of data. Analyzing that data, while often filled with gaps due to disconnected systems, can take up fleet’s precious time and resources. Pitstop’s fleet maintenance software consolidates sensor, fault code and telematics data to transform cluttered data into actionable insights. This directly gives you time back for the important tasks, focusing on higher-level data analysis to drive business success. Centralized data with Pitstop also makes communication more efficient, as information is easily shared between drivers, technicians, management, and fleet coordinators.

Trusted by Fleets in the Telecommunication Industry

Pitstop served one of the country’s top telecommunication companies with over 60,000 vehicles. Pitstop sent predictive alerts of potential failures nine days in advance with an accuracy rate of over 94%, saving the company $13.8 million.

telecom fleet maintenance software

Steer Clear of Breakdowns

Anticipate Issues with Predictive Alerts

In a highly competitive industry, on-the-road breakdowns can result in loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that their fleet of vehicles and equipment are always ready to go when needed. Pitstop’s predictive maintenance software identifies potential issues before they cause breakdowns, enabling proactive maintenance scheduling and reducing the likelihood of unexpected downtime. Maintain a high level of operational efficiency, meet customer demands, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Adaptive Maintenance Schedules

Intelligent Maintenance Optimization

To make sure your field technicians can provide reliable service to as many residential and commercial customers as possible each day, it’s important to make the most use of your vehicles. Pitstop empowers you to customize your maintenance workflow to suit your fleet’s unique requirements. Instead of mileage-based maintenance, Pitstop optimizes repair schedules, such as oil changes, and couples them with inspections of high-risk equipment, increasing mechanic productivity. 

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telecom fleet maintenance software

Integration Partners

Take advantage of easy-to-use partnerships with top industry players to simplify fleet operations tasks and bring all your data together on a single user-friendly platform.

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