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Resolve Multiple DVIR Defects in One Click

06 May 2024

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April 2024 Update

From speaking with numerous fleets, we found that the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) process was bogged down by repetitive tasks, causing delays and increasing the risk of errors due to user fatigue.

What’s New in DVIR Functionality:

We’ve revamped the DVIR functionality to enhance user experience and operational efficiency:

  • Bulk Actions: Now, select and resolve multiple defects in one go, significantly cutting down manual data entry time.
  • Seamless Integration: The update integrates smoothly with existing fleet management systems such as Samsara, Geotab, AssetWorks, Trimble, and more, ensuring your fleet data is talking to each other.
  • Optimized Display: We switched from a card to a list view, making it easier to track and manage defects.

Benefits to Fleet Operations:

The latest updates make defect management more centralized and straightforward, enabling fleet managers and shop coordinators to:

  • Prioritize effectively: Quick and clear defect overview helps in addressing critical issues faster.
  • Reduce manual tasks: Less time spent on paperwork allows for more focus on strategic tasks.

Future Roadmap:

We’re continuing to enhance our system with features like:

  • Integration with Work Order Systems: Automate work order creation from flagged defects.
  • Automated Defect Resolution: Defects will auto-resolve when the related work order is completed, keeping maintenance records up-to-date.

This DVIR functionality update not only addresses current operational challenges but also paves the way for a smarter, more connected fleet management future.


About the Author

Vedant Khattar is the Chief Technology Officer for Pitstop, a powerful predictive maintenance software for the transportation and automotive industry.