Pitstop - Advanced Fleet Maintenance for Aggregates & Construction Equipment Fleets

Take Control of your Construction Equipment Fleet

Your construction materials are the backbone of your business, from transporting aggregates, asphalt, and ready-mix concrete. Managing a fleet across regions with scattered data is complex but critical to ensure timely delivery to customers. That’s where Pitstop’s predictive fleet maintenance can help.

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Maximize Uptime for Your Construction Materials Fleet

Your vehicles are your #1 asset so why are they still breaking down when you need them most? A setback, such as cement solidifying within a non-rotating drum, can incur thousands of dollars in damages and delay building construction project timelines.

With Pitstop’s advanced AI solution, complete preventive construction fleet maintenance more efficiently. Enable your construction fleet maintenance team to quickly identify high-risk construction equipment and its root cause before breakdowns occur.

What Our Customers Have To Say

See what customers who manage heavy-duty cement trucks, excavators, asphalt pavers, and other construction equipment fleet vehicles have to say about Pitstop!

“I like the Pitstop alerts better than the telematics ones because the descriptions have more details. This helps me diagnose the problems efficiently.“

Jeremy W, Shop Manager

“My mechanics love the health reports for our excavators, cement mixers, and asphalt pavers.“

Michael, Fleet Manager

“I want to have all the important information in ONE PLACE. It’s hard to go on telematics and other software on a daily basis.“

Manuel, Shop Manager

“I love the ability to see analytics and sensor data on Pitstop’s predictive fleet maintenance software. Previously we only had access to current data and not historical data.“

Kevin, Shop Foreman

Pitstop automates data passing between our telematics and maintenance systems helping us get work done faster.“

Justin, Director of Fleet

Automated Maintenance Workflows Tailored to Aggregates and Construction Materials Fleets

Prepare your mechanics and cut diagnostic times by 10 hours a week with Pitstop’s detailed remote diagnostic reports. Our software delivers remote diagnostic reports, automated work orders, and checklists for construction fleet maintenance designed specifically for the needs of fleets dealing with aggregates, asphalt, and concrete.

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Enhance Shop Efficiency

Minimize repeated shop visits by fixing aggregator equipment right the first time by enabling technicians with detailed health reports before vehicles enter the service bay with predictive fleet maintenance technology.

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Streamline Workflows

Our central ‘pane of glass’ approach consolidates ELD, fault codes, work orders, DVIRs, and more, making data access and analysis simpler and more efficient. Streamline processes across multiple locations.

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Expert Data Analytics

Pitstop is more than just a service provider; we are your development partner. We work with your whole team to implement a solution that fits your unique workflow and help you achieve your operational goals.

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