Integrating Predictive Maintenance into Your Fleet: A Pitstop Webinar

Integrating Predictive Maintenance

into Your Fleet:

A Pitstop Webinar

Thursday, September 29, 2022  |  2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT

Get Ahead of Unplanned Downtime Quickly

It is common in many roles to be stuck doing things inefficiently just because it is “easier” than trying to setup something new. But with modern day advances in fleet connectivity, now is the time to finally make the easy upgrade to a predictive maintenance solution. In this webinar, learn from fleet and trucking experts how:


The trucking industry has evolved to make-way for new efficiencies


The different types of maintenance strategies compare


To get started with Predictive Maintenance to lower expenses, reduce downtime, and increase safety

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    Meet The Webinar Co-Hosts

    Gianni Falzone
    Jon White

    Gianni Falzone

    Sales Manager of Fleet Maintenance at Pitstop

      • 1 Year with Pitstop focused on new customers, Pilots, and Customer Success
      • Prior to Pitstop 5 years with Enterprise AI Systems

    Jon White

    Fleet Industry Liaison at Pitstop

          • 40+ Years as Transportational  Industry Professional 
          • Entrepreneur & Technology Innovator
          • Active with ATA & TMC since the late 1970’s

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