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Predictive Maintenance

ROI Calculator with Geotab

Although every organization and company is unique, we’ve worked with hundreds of fleet professionals and organizations to identify the core pillars to improve a fleet’s operations and profitability. Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a fleet maintenance software, alongside Geotab’s fleet management platform here.

    Fleet ROI Calculator

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    Fleet ROI Calculator

    Based on your inputs, here are industry standard estimates for your vehicle type and count.

    Annual Downtime Incidents*:
    Average Downtime Duration (hours) per Incident*:
    Average Cost of Downtime per Hour*:
    Revenue Loss from Downtime*:
    Annual Tow and Road Call Events:
    Average Cost of Towing Calls:
    Diagnostics Occurrences per Year per Vehicle:
    Average Labor Hours per Downtime Incident:
    Burdened Labor Rate ($)*:
    Time Spent for Diagnostics per Vehicle:

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    Improve your Geotab ROI by using Pitstop for Fleet Management

    fleet maintenance software ROI

    Improved Efficiency

    Pitstop leverages Geotab’s extensive telematics data, along other integrations, to revolutionize fleet management workflows, automate processes, and significantly reduce manual errors. Transitioning to smart maintenance with Pitstop means your fleet maintenance schedule evolves from static to dynamic, prioritizing vehicles in need of service while efficiently managing resources, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

    Increased Productivity

    By reducing manual tasks and automating routine processes like fault code prioritization, Pitstop can help you focus on higher-value activities that drive productivity and revenue growth for your organization. With our end-to-end maintenance software, powered by Geotab data, fleets can easily communicate cross-functionally, alerting the maintenance shops of necessary repairs well ahead of schedule.

    fleet management ROI
    fleet management ROI Calculator

    Reduced Downtime

    Pitstop’s AI engine analyzes over 10 billion data points pulled from Geotab and other software integrations, to then identify and prioritize issues, alerting fleets of potential failures on average 9 days in advance with a +94% accuracy. Utilizing our predictive insights avoids on the road breakdowns by 20%.

    Enhanced Tracking & Reporting

    Pitstop’s intuitive interface simplifies collaboration among team members and streamlines fleet progress tracking. Its tailored fleet reports highlights what matters most to your fleet, removing guesswork from your decision-making process.

    fleet maintenance software ROI

    Discover the Power of Pitstop’s Fleet Maintenance, Integrated with Geotab

    Setting up Pitstop takes less than 10 minutes, and only 24 hours to start seeing the data rolling in, all within your Geotab dashboard. If you’d like to learn how Pitstop can benefit your organization, fill out our contact form to schedule a live demo.