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Fleet Electrification
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How to Plan Fleet Electrification with Pitstop

Fleet EV Suitability Assessment
Helping your fleet’s electrification plan to determine which assets to swap over to EV based on utilization. Decide which EV to select for your fleet based on the current trips driven.

BEV Health Score
An overall vehicle health score directly indicates assets with degrading battery cycles relative to ones running normally.

Residual Value
Using the BEV health score and adding a layer to estimate an asset's approximate value at any given time.

Benefits of Using Pitstop AI Technology for Fleet Electrification

  • 01

    Meet Emission Standards

    Providing a fleet with a carbon footprint by comparing their ICE vehicle utilization to EVs brought in. The ESG score of your fleet can be used to access carbon credits.

  • 02

    Monetize Your Electric Vehicle Fleet

    Comparison of energy charging done at home base vs. external sources. Your fleet demand profile can be monetized back to utilities.

  • 03

    Optimize Electric Vehicle Routing

    Factor in when to charge, which routes have deeper discharge cycles & where to charge. This analysis can help with route planning.

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