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Introducing Pitstop's Trailer Management Module

28 March 2024

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March 2024 Update

At Pitstop, we understand the multifaceted challenges you face managing a fleet, especially when it comes to the upkeep and tracking of both vehicles and trailers. Despite the critical responsibility of a fleet manager, we’ve found a significant oversight in fleet management systems – the cumbersome, manual process of tracking and maintaining trailers. This often involves a mix of outdated pen & paper methods, disjointed Excel files, and a separate system for vehicles, leading to inefficiency and frustration.

It was clear that managing trailers is just as critical as managing vehicles, if not more so, for some fleets, especially considering that the business’s revenue in goods to be delivered/sold relies significantly on the condition and availability of these trailers. With numerous fleets reporting more work orders for trailers than vehicles, the absence of a streamlined system to handle these tasks was evident. The manual tracking of work orders, routine services, and managing parts for trailers was a repetitive and inefficient task that needed reimagining.

As a clear opportunity to make the lives of fleet managers and operators easier, we’re excited to introduce the Trailers Module, seamlessly integrated into the core of Pitstop’s platform. We’ve evolved the Vehicles page into an Assets page, allowing you to manage both vehicles and trailers offering a holistic view of your assets. This module is designed to automatically pull trailer data from your telematics system, starting with Samsara, and soon extending to Geotab and telematic providers and partners. Our trailer “add form” makes it easy to add trailers not yet on telematics.

The Trailers Module directly addresses the needs of:

  • Shop Coordinators & Mechanics: There’s no longer a need to split their efforts between Pitstop and various spreadsheets. They can manage all their work through a single platform where all information is updated in real-time.
  • Fleet Managers and Operators: All reporting is centralized, providing comprehensive insights into every aspect of their fleet. This includes shop productivity (total number of work orders), the costs associated with trailer maintenance, overall spending on both vehicles and trailers within the shop, and compliance reports.

The introduction of the Trailers Module is set to redefine fleet management by eliminating the need to juggle multiple platforms for different tasks. As a result, users may benefit from:

  • Centralized Digital Work Orders: Work orders for trailers are fully digitized, simplifying the management process. Now, tracking and organizing the necessary tasks can be effortlessly done from a single location.
  • Unified Tracking for Reminders and Inspections: With everything in one place, reminders for routine services and DOT inspections are easily managed. Users gain a clear view of when the next service is due for both vehicles and trailers, ensuring timely maintenance and compliance.
  • Seamless Integration for Telematics-Enabled Trailers: For customers utilizing telematics on their trailers, Pitstop streamlines the process by automatically incorporating the trailers into the platform. This innovation eliminates lengthy setup times, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Visibility for Fleet Managers: The platform offers fleet managers a comprehensive overview of their shop’s workload. With all information centralized, they can swiftly assess and allocate resources, improving the productivity and operational flow of the entire shop.

The Trailers Module is just the beginning. We are committed to continually enhancing our platform to meet your evolving needs. Future updates will include syncing DVIRs from telematics for trailers, creating vehicle health reports, introducing reporting widgets, and configuring routine services for trailers more efficiently.

We understand the critical role trailers play in your fleet operations and are excited to offer a solution that not only addresses the immediate challenges but also paves the way for more efficient, integrated fleet management.

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About the Author

Vedant Khattar is the Chief Technology Officer for Pitstop, a powerful predictive maintenance software for the transportation and automotive industry.