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Our scalable platforms are dedicated to predicting vehicle maintenance needs and optimizing your existing systems and in-house teams

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Applying our platforms and expertise

Backend Solutions

We help clean, prepare, store, setup and normalize your data. Our offering includes data ingestion & integration, systems monitoring, connected vehicle system architecture and appointment scheduling.

Frontend Visualization

We illustrate insights and data with unique, frontend visualization tools dedicated to enabling your team to easily comprehend vehicle performance and key watchouts.

Data Science

We ensure you capture the correct data, building new prediction models or improving existing ones to provide a comprehensive analysis for your vehicle database.

Our solutions are designed to ingest time-series and event-based data to assist with predicting more than 15+ different vehicle issues.

Features and Benefits

Proven ROI

Our specialized tools are designed to extract value and insights from unstructured data, including historical service records and driver complaints.

Custom tailored to your organization

We tailor and optimize our solutions to complement your systems, while improving the overall safety and performance of your vehicles.

No heavy investment

Tap into industry-leading expertise and proven solutions guaranteed to save you time and money, without the large investment in infrastructure or people.

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