Powering the future of automotive with
AI technology
Global EV market projection by 2027
THE Future is now

The vehicles of tomorrow will run on data and electricity, not fossil fuels.

Electric Vehicles
By 2040, virtually every new car sold globally will be electric. Vehicles will be no less than smart software on wheels, constantly learning and improving.

By providing cloud analytics and prediction models for some of the top EV manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, our technology is sitting at the heart of this seismic transition.
Supporting the industry with powerful AI
Our technology is playing a big role in facilitating these commitments, providing a pioneering predictive analytics platform that helps companies meet emission standards and optimize vehicle performance at scale.
From hardware-first,
to software-first
Connected Cars
Delivering actionable, data-led insights for the $400 billion connected car-data market.
Autonomous Vehicles
Ensuring maximum safety, identifying potential risks and keeping the driver in ultimate control as more autonomous vehicles appear on our roads.
Shared Platforms
Turning a reactive industry into a proactive one by using AI and machine learning to predict failures before they happen.
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